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Kendriya Vidyalaya - Guidelines for Admission in Class XI based on Grade Points.


Dated: 16.06.2010

The Assistant Commissioner
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan
All Regions

Subject: Guidelines for Admission in Class XI based on Grade Points.


With reference to the subject cited above, the broad guidelines for admission in Class XI, duly approved by Chairman, KVS, is given hereunder for immediate implementation in all Kendriya Vidyalayas.


Fresh admissions would be made after accommodating all the eligible students of the same KV in the entitled stream and thereafter students from other KVs. Fresh admission for remaining vacancies would be made in order of merit In the sequence of categories of priority on the basis of the board results of class X. There would be no fresh admission in class XI over and above the class strength. Admissions in different streams for children seeking admission from KVs & non-KVs would be nude on fulfillment of the following requirements:

The cut off Grade and CGPA for admissions in Science, Commerce & Humanities Streams would be as under:

a. Science Stream

(1) Science with Mathematics
A minimum of B2 GRADE in Maths
A minimum of B2 GRADE in Science and
A minimum of 6.0 CGPA

(ii) Science without Maths
Science without mathematics may be allowed if the student has secured B2  GRADE in Science with at least 6.0 CGPA.

b. Commerce Stream
1. A minimum of 6.0 CGPA.
2. Mathematics can- be offered with Commerce if the student has obtained a minimum of B2 GRADE in Mathematics.

C. Humanities Stream
All students of Kendriya Vidyalayas if they are declared successful by the CBSE would be given admission. However, Humanities with Mathematics can be offered if at least B2 GRADE is obtained in Mathematics.


d. Computer Science / Bio-Technology , wherever available as an elective subject is to be offered to students of Science Stream and admission would be granted as per combined merit list. Multi-media & Web- Designing Technology (wherever available) as elective subject may be
offered to students of all the streams (Commerce, Humanities & Science).

Following concessions will be allowed for admission to Science and Commerce streams.

(A). Students belonging to SC/ST be given upgradation by one grade in two subjects wherever required. CGPA may be enhanced by 0.4 for the purpose of admission to Class XI Science/Commerce.

(B) The following concession will' be, granted to students fore, admission who participated in Games & Sports meet/Scouting &Guiding/NCC/Adventure activities at various levels, The certificate needed for this purpose can be of any preceding years.

S.NoSports &
NCCScouting/GuidingAdventure Activities for admission to
Concession of marks
a.Participation at SGFI or equivalentA' Certificate and participation in Republic/PM RallyRashtrapati Puraskar award certificateNIL0.8 points in CGPA
b.Participation at KVS National levelA' Certificate and best cadet in distt/State levelRajya Puruskar award certificate with 07 proficiency badgesNil0.6 Points in CGPA
c.Participation at KVS Regional LevelA' CertificateTritiya sapan certificate with 05 proficiency badgesParticipation in at least one 10-days adventure activity0.2 points in CGPA

Maximum concession under Sports / Games / NCC / Scout / Guide/Adventure will not exceed 0.8 points in CGPA .In case of eligibility for more than one concession under different categories as mentioned at (a),(b) and (c) above , only one concession having maximum advantage to the candidate will be allowed.

(c) Admission of non eligible children of Embassy Officers in all Kendriya Vidyalayas abroad in class XI will be decided by the Commissioner , KVS on case to case basis.

(d) Principal may admit children to class XI only Up to the permitted class strength.

(e) A student who was earlier not found eligible for admission to a particular stream may be allowed fresh admission to a particular stream in class XI in the next academic session, if he/she improves his/her performance within one year from the same Board.

In case of 02 or more candidates obtaining equal CGPA(overall indicative ' percentage of marks), the inter-se-merit of such candidates may be determined as follows:

(a) For Science based Courses:

• Candidates obtaining higher CGPA , (indicative percentage of marks) in one compulsory language (Better of English /Hindi), Mathematics and Science.

(b) For Commerce based Courses with Mathematics:

• Candidates obtaining higher CGPA (indicative percentage of marks) in one compulsory language (Better of English/Hindi), Mathematics and Science/Social

(c) For Commerce based Courses-without Mathemoticsi

• Candidates obtaining' higher CGPA (indlcative percentage of marks) in one compulsory language (Better of English/Hindi), Science and Social Science.

(d) For Humanities based Courses:

• Candidates obtaining higher CGPA (indicative percentage of marks) in one compulsory language (Better of English /Hindi), Social Science and 2 "d Language.
The contents of this letter be brought to the notice of all the Principals of Kendriya Vidyalayas functioning in your Region,

Yours faithfully

Assistant Commissioner (Acad.)

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